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brad sherrill detroit web designer of detroit michigan usa.

Who I Am:

I'm a creative visionary and professional designer that specializes in interaction design(web design). I'm passionate, detailed, and experienced enough to make any web design project a reality. I work to deliver practical solutions by way of creative web design.

What I Do:

  • Web Site Design
    I design clean, clever, and cooperative web sites tailored to perfection. Using the best web design practices I put together practical layouts and interfaces, allowing visitors to have a pleasing and enjoyable visit.
  • User Experience
    Creative interfaces are only as good as the user experience. I develop imaginative experiences that allow users to easily browse through a website, follow the navigation, quickly find what they are looking for, and ultimately complete the desired call to action with pleasure.
  • Rich Media Banner Ad Design
    Expandable Banner Ads, Video Ads, Floating Ads, Tear Back Ads, Flash Interactive Banner Ads, and Live Data Ads are all examples of Rich Media Banner Ads. I design Rich Media Banner Ad's that reach relevant targeted audiences, and truly give them the positive experience that will grab the users full attention.

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About Bradford Sherrill

Born and raised in the metro Detroit area and I'm a huge Detroit sports Fan. I like to watch a suspenseful mystery, gritty drama, or an intriguing documentary about the great frontier (space). I'm passionate about music and I try to listen to all music, my most favorite genre's are Classic Rock, Rap, Psychedelic Rock, and Ambient. If I'm watching television which is rare I'm either watching ESPN news or a special on the Discovery channel.