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Big Ten Conference Football Logo
Updated 12/13/2010

The Big Ten Conference will have a new member for the 2011-12 football season, respectively, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers a.k.a. the Huskers. If your a college football fan this is great news and this addition should be exciting for the future of the Big 10 Football Conference.

(By the way, can Notre Dame, Kansas, Syracuse and Missouri hurry up and join the Big Ten before next season. Please?)

The Big Ten And It’s LogoThe Big Ten Logo
The Big Ten Conference is a prestigious conference that’s made up of 11 universities primarily located in the Midwest. The Big Ten Conference has a ton of history and it may also boast perhaps the most prestigious and creative sports logo design to date. The Big 10 Conference logo uses negative space to depict the actual number of members in the conference, which is 11. A nicely designed negative space logo is classic.

College Football Season Is Almost Here
The start of the college football season is coming up in a few weeks and I have been thinking about what the Big Ten will do with it’s logo in 2011-12 season when Nebraska joins. I am in absolutely no way affiliated with the Big Ten but I have decided to whip up a new version of the Big Ten logo for the 2011-12 school year.

UPDATE: Official New Look Big Ten Conference Logo has been released, check it out.
The New Look Big Ten Conference Logo
The New Big Ten Conference Logo

Variations of the new Big Ten Conference Logo
Big Ten Conference Logo

The New Big 10 Logo

The new Big Ten Logo Established 1896

Big 10 Conference Logo Est. 1896

New Big Ten Logo
The New Big 10 Legends and Leaders Division Logos

Big 10 Conference Logo Est. 1896

The New Big Ten Legends Division Logo
The New Legends Division Logo

The New Big Ten Leaders Division Logo
The New Leaders Division Logo

Official Legends and Leaders Division Video Announcement

Other Big 10 Logo Sources

  1. Tony Aksamit on Sunday 8, 2010

    I have a cool Logo for the Big 10 “12”. I would Love to share it!!

  2. Jon Good on Sunday 8, 2010

    I liked the 11 hidden in the word Big Ten when Penn State joined but I don’t know about the new logo. Yes, with Nebraska we are 12 teams making up the Big Ten and as a result we have to incorporate 12 in the logo. Like I said, the 11 hidden in the words was cool but the new logo, I’m not so sure. Something isn’t working for me, maybe it’s the font they are using for the word Big Ten.

  3. roy on Sunday 8, 2010

    How about “Big Ten Two”

  4. ExileOnDaytonStreet on Sunday 8, 2010

    Big Ten 2: Football Boogaloo

  5. Brad Riemann on Sunday 8, 2010

    I agree with Jon Good. It was excellent how the 11 in the logo was so discreet. You almost had to look for it. the 2 in the 12 is was too obvious. To me it’s just bad graphic design.

    Also Mr.Sherrill, why would the Big 10 want Kansas? They’re a basketball school that bring nothing to the conference in regards to football (yes, they had a couple solid years but they now have a new coach and they quickly falling back to mediocre) and then clean house every year in football. Take Kansas State. They’re coming back in football and Frank Martin’s scary ass has brought them back to a national presence in basketball.

    However, I must admit. I am partial because I went to school at Kansas State, even though I’ve been in Chicago for a few years now.

  6. Cait McCready on Sunday 8, 2010

    I’m with John and Brad. The addition of serifs throws off the clean lines of the original logo. And the serifs added to the bottom of the T and the top and bottom of the E look ridiculous. But they had to distinguish the bottom of the short “1” somehow. The T’s serifs are disproportionate to the rest of the serifs and things are just way out of balance. I don’t think the over simplification of the “2” works because of the parts that are missing that obviously would cut out part of the N. Looks like a design by committee train wreck. Definitely left some finessing in the designers’ computer…

  7. HardE on Sunday 8, 2010

    Looks like the E has a small hard on.

  8. Go Big Red #93 on Sunday 8, 2010

    This logo is a bit cliche…

  9. Jeff Brady on Sunday 8, 2010

    I love this Logo. After seeing just now what the conference has “settled on”. I really liked the old logo and I think this one blows it away. The artical I read said how the Big Ten logo was one of the most unique and prestiges in all of sports, and I think this logo would have continued that tradition.

  10. matt on Sunday 8, 2010

    need a name change ; why not call it the great lakes conference or something else

  11. Harris on Sunday 8, 2010

    The proposed design with the forced hidden 12 somehow looks even worse than the newly designed light blue block. Horrible effort. Do better.

  12. pete on Sunday 8, 2010

    to everyone that’s commented on this that thinks this is the actual new logo, it’s not…but it’s way better.

    and the big ten will never change the conference name, the name has great tradition and is staying for good.

    Matt: Why would they change it to the Great Lakes Conference? the Hawkeyes, Gophers, and Huskers aren’t even in states that border a great lake. And Illinios, Indiana, and Penn state’s campuses aren’t really close to the lakes.
    Even with just the first three teams, that leaves more teams out than calling it the Big Ten and having 12 teams…

  13. michael porter on Sunday 8, 2010

    The new B1G TEN logo sucks!!!!

  14. bandahm on Sunday 8, 2010

    Fifth one is really nice.I think a logo should be smart one.So sixth one is so smart

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